My Must-Have Photography Products

I thought it’d be a good idea to put together a genuine list of photography necessities that you can take a look at.

This is a list of things I actually use and have experience with so hopefully it’ll help you make the right decisions to take your photography game to the next level.


I’m putting this right at the top because I can’t explain to you how important online learning has been for me. I’m going to include some courses that have been super valuable to me and will hopefully help you too.

The key with courses is that it’s genuinely about something that you want to do, like an aspect of photography like Wedding Photography or Documentary Photography. It’s so important to take other people’s experiences and learn from them because trying to go your own way will add years onto your journey.


First of all, you can try Skillshare, there are so many courses available from beginner to advanced and it’s a pretty affordable monthly fee, that becomes even more affordable because you can get 30% off through my link, (I get a little bit of money back from affiliate commission but I only suggest what I believe in and use myself).

Sling Bag

This is an absolute must, I can’t explain how useful a sling bag is in comparison with a normal camera bag.

Excuse this picture of me that looks like a screenshot of Bigfoot footage, but here is the brilliant sling bag in action. I wear one of these everywhere and in mine I can fit a Nikon FM2, a 50mm lens, a 35mm lens and an 80-210mm lens.

The upsides to a front-on sling bag compared with a normal camera bag are that it’s way more comfortable to wear, it’s safer and one of the most important things, it’s super easy access for you.

I really believe that if it’s easier for you to shoot then you’re much more likely to take better pictures. The accessibility of the sling bag means that you can easily dip your hand in and grab your camera the moment you see the perfect shot.

Also, it’s far less bulky, obviously sometimes you need a bit more gear so you might need a large camera bag but most of the time a sling will do.

Finally, a sling bag doesn’t really look like a camera bag, so you’re far less likely to be targeted for a robbery than if you’re lugging around a massive camera bag.

Basically, I can’t speak highly enough of a sling bag and I think that everyone should have one.

Capture Clip

The Capture Clip is a super helpful little clip that you can attach to your bag and clip your camera into it, that way if you’re hiking or on the move you can literally just clip your camera in and out of this clip.

I used the Capture clip on a hike up Snowdon (Wales’ tallest mountain), and I found it to be so useful. Because you can attach the clip to so many different things, your bag strap, your belt wherever it fits! And it can be tightened up so you know you’re completely secure.

The Capture Clip fits in with another one of my principles, you should make it as easy as possible to access your camera, especially if you’re out hiking or in the middle of some madness. Easy access means more pictures and more pictures means better pictures!

This isn’t an absolute must-have, it depends on what kind of things you do, if you’re a traveller and a hiker then I think it’s a must-have!

The Right Strap

This is far more important than you might think, but the right strap is a biggie for me, for instance, I really suggest most of the time a small wrist strap or clutch strap because it draws far less attention to you.

There are a lot more reasons to think about what kind of strap you want. What kind of photography are you going to be doing? Are you shooting weddings? Then perhaps you need to consider comfort more than anything. If you’re a street photographer then maybe you just want a small clutch strap so that you can be far less obvious.

A Good Tripod

Of course, a good tripod is a must-have in photography, especially if you’re trying to capture beautiful landscapes or incredibly detailed things. A Tripod that you can trust, that’s strong and stable and that allows you to take pictures in a variety of situations is really what you need.

I’ve linked two of my favourite tripods available at the moment, yes I’ll get a small commission from these links if you choose to buy through them, this will help me to continue writing and helping you guys!

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