The Best Places To Get Film Developed In Leeds

Whether you’re in Leeds for a few days or you live in Leeds, If you’re looking for places to get your camera film processed, we’ve got you covered!

Here are the best places to get film developed in Leeds, whether you need it done on the same day or you need super high-quality scans!

What To Look For When Picking A Film Lab

When picking somewhere local to get your film developed, it’s important to pick the right place. I’ll guide you to where I think is the best place to go but the essential aspects are: How quickly do you need your film processed? What quality do you need your film to be scanned at (if you want scans)? How much are you willing to pay for the quality? Do you want to post your film or drop it off yourself?

I’ll create a list of what’s the best lab based on proximity to the centre of Edinburgh, which has same-day turnaround times and which has the potential for the best scans and I’ll leave this at the bottom of the article!

First Time Getting Film Developed? Here’s What To Do

If you’re sending your film to a lab for the first time then you need to include a note in your package with all your details and what quality of scan you would like. 

It should look like this:

Bobby Cobblers

7 silly dumb street 



2 x medium quality scans 

Something along those lines so if there is an issue you can be contacted and if the developing lab uses your e-mail to take payment and send the files and it’s all good to go. 

If you’re going into a local lab for the first time then simply go in and ask what type of service they provide, do they provide scans via transfer or disc or do they only do prints. Ask about the quality and give them your info and leave it with them. 

Take It Easy Lab (Central, Affordable, Great Quality)


30-34 Aire St, Leeds LS1 4HT – Pretty central location!

What They Do

Take it easy lab provide a lot of different processing and digital printing products and they sell camera film too! You can get colour film, black and white, medium format and 35mm film developed here, they also provide a same day service for an extra fee!

Take it easy lab provide a really wide variety of services so it’s well worth taking a look! Digital printing of your images is also available, so you’ll be able to see what your pictures look like as a physical copy!

So What’s The Cost?

For colour processing and low quality scans, TIEL (Take it easy lab) charge £6, which is really affordable! For the highest quality JPEG, it’s £12 for processing and scan, which is still not too bad. In all, I’d say that these are good prices!

For Black and White processing and scans at low quality, it’s £9.50 and for the highest res JPEG it’s £15 per roll. This is moderately expensive, but I think that’s just the nature of black and white, it’s always more expensive!

There are a lot of other services but these basic prices give you a good idea of the costs of using TIEL, they’re a pretty affordable lab that I know for sure produces great results.

A little bit of info, I know that Joe Greer used TIEL when shooting for a band’s European tour!

The Photo Shop


17A North Ln, Headingley, Leeds LS6 3HW – Quite far out of town, possibly better for a regular shooter that lives nearby.

What They Do

It seems like The Photo Shop have a good variety of services, similar to a high street photography shop like Max Speilmanns. They develop and scan 35mm film and 120mm film but I can’t see what kind of quality they’re scanned at.

So What’s The Cost?

I can’t find out what the costs of processing is, there’s no info on this on their website and it’s not on their Facebook either so I’ll try to give them a call to see if I can find out for you!

The Last Resort – Max Spielmann’s


7 Merrion St, Leeds LS2 8NG – I’m not going to list them all because there are so many and they’re all equally bad.

What do they do?

Well they provide a lot of services, they may or may not develop 120mm film but they will process 35mm film. It’ll be poor quality and extremely expensive so I suggest that you only use Max Spielmann if you absolutely have to.


So much it’ll make your eyes water and your teeth fall out.

Final Word

This has been a much shorter article than I was expecting, but it seems there aren’t that many places that develop film in Leeds! I know another place called C&S imaging were processing film, but it doesn’t look like they are any longer.

The absolute top dog of film processing in Leeds is Take It Easy Lab, they’re arguably one of the best places to get your film developed in the UK, (second only to my favourite, Filmdev).

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