How To Fix Canon Cough In 5 Minutes

When I first started working on film cameras, one of the first issues I fixed was Canon Cough. It’s an easy fix that can save your old Canon and it’ll give you some confidence for future projects.

Canon Cough is a very common issue with A1, AE1 and AE1 programme cameras. The ‘cough’ is the sound of the mirror squeaking as you take an image and can result in the mirror not moving in time with the shutter. This could render your Canon unusable unless the issue is fixed and therefore it must be taken care of. To fix Canon Cough all you have to do is remove the bottom plate and put some oil in the correct spot. In this video, I’ll show you exactly what to do.

This video shows you everything you need to know about Canon Cough and how to remedy it, it’s a fairly simple job that will give your Canon a completely new lease of life.

So How Do You Fix Canon Cough?

Well, it’s not too hard to fix Canon cough, although, this is a somewhat rudimentary way of fixing it. I’m sure some seasoned camera specialists would be pretty displeased to see it be done is this way but this method stops Canon cough without you having to completely dismantle the entire camera.

If you didn’t fancy watching the video, then here’s a step-by-step way of fixing Canon Cough!

1) Get yourself a small screwdriver set and some oil

You’ll need your oil so you can get right to the spot that causes the ‘Canon cough’ and you’ll need your screwdriver to get the bottom place of your camera off!

2)Unscrew the bottom plate of your camera.

You’ll need to unscrew the 4 (or 2 in some instances), small screws that hold to bottom plate onto the camera. Make sure to be really careful with these screws because they can very easily completely disappear into the ether.

Once you’ve unscrewed it, you can remove the bottom plate.

3)Now you have to find the right spot to dab the oil

This is the sort of difficult bit and it’s much easier to show in the video than it is to describe. There’s a small opening near the circular metal plate in the middle (that the red wire goes around). You need to put your oil into the gap just to the left of this metal plate. But when you do it you need to press the shutter button and begin to wind on, as you’re slowly moving the winder, you’ll find that your oil injector can eventually go a bit further into the camera.

Hold it in this position for a second, then remove the oil and replace your bottom plate. I usually keep the camera upside down for a while in order to ensure that the oil does the job. Usually, once you’ve done this the Canon cough should subside after being left for a little while. If it doesn’t then try the process again.

Final Word

Obviously, this isn’t the professional way of properly fixing this issue, it’s a quick fix but it should do the job if you don’t want to fork out a bunch of money for a small issue.

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