5 Best Places To Get Film Developed In Paris

Whether you’re heading to Paris, live there or you’re there for a quick trip, here’s a concise list of where to get your camera film processed in Paris.

When Getting Film Processed

Try to take a look at some reviews of the place that you’re using, you can use google or reddit to hopefully find some!

Make sure that the turnaround time is definitely quick enough so that you’ll still be in the city, always ask at the lab to find out.

If you’re travelling and you want to get better pictures then I wrote the perfect article.

Nation Photo

Nation Photo could potentially be one of the best options for development in Paris, their website is in French and English so people from all over can quite easily navigate it (can’t be said for most of these labs).

One of the big downsides is the price, at 14 Euro for development and scan at low quality, that’s pretty expensive!

Nation Photo
Price14 Euro for low quality to 42 Euro for ‘ultra high’ quality
Location39 rue des Lombards – Paris
Drop Off MethodWalk in/mail
Rating8/10 but expensive
Turnaround2-3 days

I think this is a good option for people from out of town or don’t speak French. Personally, I think the pricing is pretty outrageous. Here In the UK, I can get really high-quality processing and scans for £9 a roll.


It seems like the guys at Negatif+ are a really good lab too and their prices are better than Nation Photo. Try not to get confused because they have two stores in Paris, you want the ‘Silver Service’ store.

Price12 Euro for low quality, 25 Euro high quality
Location106 rue La Fayette, 75010 Paris
Drop off methodWalk in/Mail
Websitehttps://negatifplus.com/ (Can translate to English via Google Chrome)

Things to note: It really sounds like they get super busy at this lab so just be aware of when you’re visiting. Also, they apparently have a minimum spend of 8.5 Euro on card.

L’Atelier Publimod

Apparently, this is an old-school film lab that a lot of folk from back in the day used to use. It’s not clear to me whether L’Atelier scans too. From their pricing, I can see that they develop and make contact sheets but me being English, I’m finding it difficult to find scanning.

L’Atelier Publimod
Location26 rue de Sévigné
75004 Paris
Drop Off MethodWalk-in/mail
Rating8/10 – Original place that’s been doing it for years
Turnaround2-3 days

To be honest, it’s pretty hard to get much info from L’Ateliers website but I’m pretty confident that these are a great old-school lab.

Inactinique Paris

This place seems to be a completely self-service-based lab in Paris, so you can actually go and develop the film yourself and learn more about what you’re doing.

Take a look here – https://inactinique.fr/


Processus looks like another great lab in Paris that scans at a number of different standards.

Price14 euro develop and scan – https://www.processusphoto.com/tarifs/PROCESSUS_2022_Tarifs_Final.pdf
Location163, rue de la Roquette, 75011 Paris
Drop Off MethodWalk-in
Turnaround2-3 days

Final Word

There are a number of different places and the type of place you’ll want to use probably depends on why you’re in Paris, the type of photography you’re shooting and your budget.

Personally, I think Negatif+ seems like one of the best places to use, however, they all seem like really good options.

I’m sure there are many more brilliant places to get film developed in Paris and France but these are a general guide of some of the most popular.

Thanks a lot.

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